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Brad Rathgeber, Executive Director


The Online School for Girls is built upon the strong foundations that leading independent schools have developed over decades and centuries: building authentic relationships with students; offering expansive opportunities; challenging students to reach beyond perceived limitations; and supporting students in their growth. Our students know that their teachers care about their learning and success.

That’s one of the primary reasons that more than eighty-five schools have become a part of the Online School for Girls, and more than three hundred and fifty schools worked with us in the 2014-2015 school year alone. We share their values.

And yet, at the Online School for Girls, that is just the foundation. We believe strongly that every student learns differently, thus our programs and courses are learner-driven.

At the Online School for Girls, students are equipped with the capabilities to assess their strengths, challenges, goals, learning preferences, and motivations. This allows us to personalize instruction to the needs of each student, increasing efficiency and effectiveness around differentiation, remediation, and project-based learning. We believe that choice increases engagement, and engaged students learn more.This approach is different from those traditionally employed at independent schools, and yet is essential in the online learning space.

By working with the Online School for Girls, traditional schools can explore new ways of teaching and learning through us as their own practice evolves. When a traditional school enrolls many students in our classes, invites us to collaborate on professional development with it’s faculty, or encourages a teacher to apply to teach with us, that school not only gains a partner in delivering on it’s mission (as we are both built from the same foundation), but it also gains a safe sandbox in which to experiment with new approaches to education.

We hope that you will join our efforts,

Brad Rathgeber
Executive Director