The Online School for Girls is both the first single-gender online school and the first independent online school in the world.

As you explore our website and our program, you will find that there are a number of things that make us unique in the world of online learning:

  • As a girls’ school, we have a commitment to offering courses that are designed specifically for girls. Our teachers have created courses that focus on areas that research tells us work best to engage girls in the online medium: connection, collaboration, application, and creativity.  To learn more about why this approach works well with girls and the research basis for this approach, click here.
  • We are a supplemental school, designed to support and enhance “bricks and mortar” schools, by helping them to expand opportunities for students.  We believe strongly in face-to-face education and the communities created on campuses around the country.
  • Our learning environments are created so that girls form close relationships with each other and with their teachers.  Girls in our courses establish real connections with each other and to their teachers and they collaborate regularly– online learning at OSG is not an isolated, computer-centric pursuit.
  • As the first online independent school, the Online School for Girls is committed to creating high quality, high touch courses that value relationships as critical to the learning process.
  • Following the independent school tradition, our courses are created by our teachers — unlike most other online schools, we do not “purchase” courses from providers and repurpose them.  Our teachers are experts in their fields and have experience teaching at girls’ schools and independent schools.

It is also important for you to know that the Online School for Girls is a consortium effort of over eighty of the best nationally and internationally known schools.   Our schools share a commitment to girls’ education and have proven expertise in creating school environments for girls that, according to research, have resulted in high academic achievement and self-confidence.

We continue to expand our academic and professional development programs greatly. Recently, we have added new courses in STEM, Foreign Language, and Social Science (including a number of new AP offerings).  In addition, we have created new professional development courses for faculty and continue to collaborate with other great schools, organizations, and associations.

I encourage you to stay up-to-date with the School by following us on Twitter and by following my blog.  Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope you will join us.

Brad Rathgeber
Executive Director