The Online School for Girls is a supplemental educational organization that provides courses and programs for students and adult learners.

Approach to Teaching and Learning – We start with what all thriving schools do well: build authentic relationships. Recognizing that the student-teacher relationship forms the foundation for all learning, we position the learner at the center of the course and design curriculum backwards from the learner. Our classes are personalized, competency-based, and learner-driven.  

Co-Ed ProgramOur co-ed program uses personalized learning as our primary pedagogical approach.  In personalized courses, educators harness the power of technology to chart a new direction for content sequences, academic proficiencies, and student agency. We use a classic model of constructivist learning to promote student agency, where learning is relevant, hands-on, and inquiry-driven. Students are equipped with the capacity to measure their knowledge and skills, and then given some choice in what and how they learn. The tools of personalized instruction increase efficiency and effectiveness around differentiation, remediation, and project-based learning. We believe that choice increases engagement, and engaged students learn more.

Program for Girls  Our girls’ program expands on the personalized approaches used in all classes, by adding what great girls’ school do to create effective single-gender girls’ environments: connecting the girls to each other; requiring meaningful collaboration; encouraging expressions of creativity; and, having the girls apply what they learn to real-world problems. Thus, our girls’ courses add four pillars to our personalized learning approach: Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, and Application.

Program for Boys – Courses for boys’ are built from our personalized learning framework and add three core values—Trust, Meaning, and Character—that tie closely to effective research-based practice in traditional boys’ school learning environments. As in traditional boys’ schools, these values are supported by the supporting beliefs of Honesty, Integrity, Purpose, Integrity, Engagement, Effort, Connection, Accountability, Self-Efficacy, Novelty, Activity, Competition, and Humor.

Professional Development Program – We strive to be a partner for schools in developing best practice approaches both in the classroom and in their operations. We share with schools the pedagogical approaches that we have developed for our student courses so that schools can leverage our work to empower learning and transform education in their schools. We also work with experts in specialized areas of instruction — in particular single-gender education work with the IBSC and NCGS — to increase competencies of faculty.  Moreover, we work with organizations such as NBOA, NAIS, and state/regional independent school associations to inform schools on operational best practice.

Accreditation – Online School for Girls is fully accredited with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools through December 1, 2018.

Organization – Online School for Girls is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Course Approval – Our math, science, social science and language courses have been approved by NCAA as core-courses.  Our AP Courses have been approved by the College Board and the University of California.

Membership – The Online School for Girls is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the National Business Officers Association (NBOA), the National Coalition of Girls’ School (NCGS), the Independent Curriculum Group, and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).